Forms of Marketing

Are you worried about the lack of footfalls on your online store despite the fact that you are offering the latest services and products through it? You have spent a lot of money on advertising on social networks. You might not believe it, but Email Marketing is king. Google search be fine for customer acquisitions, but email marketing is a close second, followed by advertising on social media. Regarding Google search and social media marketing, you need to have a highly optimised website for your website to appear on the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). You might end up spending a fortune to ensure that potential clients view your sponsored ads on social media platforms and actually click on it. Over time, you will find that you are spending a lot of money in your SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. You do not have to spend this amount if you opt for marketing your services and products through email, especially if you already have a database of clients who have already purchased stuff from you. If you do not have an email list, offer something free on your website. The catch is that the visitor has to submit his email information and the download information about whatever you are offering will be delivered to that email address. You can easily build up a huge database in a couple of days if you offer something interesting free. People love freebies! For your information:

• More than 70% of all online purchasers state that email is their preferred method to find out more about new offerings

• Ninety five percent of online activity is about reading or sending email

• You can easily get 40% more customers through email

• Email beats social media effortlessly when it comes to generating new customers

 Extra information about Email Marketing

Using dedicated software

Using dedicated software allows you to segregate customers by preference such as gender, age, what they prefer to purchase, and much more. A good email marketing software keeps track of what your clients purchase along with other details as mentioned above. The next time you add any items on your website, the software will automatically send emails to persons who have shown interest in that category of goods. However, software alone will not help you become successful. You have to interact with your customers on a regular basis through newsletters. You can use the email software for this job.


Interact directly with the client

Do you remember the good old days when you used to talk with clients visiting your brick and mortar store? Thanks to email, you now have the excellent opportunity to have a private and exclusive conversation with each client. You can use the help of email marketing to make people purchase their requirements from you repeatedly. No doubt, during the initial phases, you will have to test a lot with sending emails to your customers to develop a strategy that works. While testing, ensure that you track the data just as closely as you would track your website's traffic. Add an incentive on your website and force visitors to sign up with their email to avail it. Add email marketing to your promotion strategy today.