Why Development Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Here’s another power supply and basically what the power supplies function is to take power from the electrical outlet and spread it out all of your computer system giving power to all individual parts power supplies come in wattage sand that’s dependent on how much Hardware you have inside your system how much power do you need you’ll see that there’s cables coming out from it these are what you connect to the different parts on the inside of your computer system to give it power this example isa modular power.

supply or at least partially modular and it allows Development me to connect specifically what I want I don’t want to have million cables running allover the place so if I can pick and choose how many I want to plug in it just makes the inside of your system organized next thing we’ll talk about is the system board or the motherboard the motherboard can be found in the very back and you can see everything is kind of connected on top of it I have another example for you to see here this one’s little old so some of the slots anythings like.

That are outdated but toucan get the general information from its I mentioned it has some slots on it these slots are expansion slots it allows me to connect peripherals video cards things like that we’re going to cover in a minute there’s some long slots here there’s a big rectangular slot here we’re going to get into all that in a little bit but the one I want you to take a look at while we’re on the topic is this little chip right overhear this chip is called BIOS essentially when your computer turns omit needs.

To have some information about what’s connected to it what time it is just things that get it off the ground get it started well all that information is stored on this little chip called the BIOS now if we take our motherboard and turn it on inside you’ll notice that.